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Siemens Talon System

The TALON system allows you to securely and remotely:

  • Monitor and control your building systems through the Internet or a dedicated PC
  • Access a building’s “vital signs” any time of day or night
  • Receive messages instantly if a building’s performance parameters are not being met
  • Improve energy efficiency through better management of information and systems

Multiple buildings, multiple systems, and countless functions… all controlled from one workstation

  • Flexible:
    TALON’s versatile and secure user interface enables any authorized user to control a building environment from a web browser or wireless web device anywhere in the world
  • Efficient:
    The web browser interface minimizes the time and effort needed to mange building system information and activities
  • Effective:
    You are able to integrate and assimilate information from multiple systems and aggressively manage a facility’s energy consumption while maintaining an optimal work environment
  • Practical:
    TALON can access and control a Staefa legacy control system, eliminating the need to replace already-installed controls

Smart, Effective, Efficient, Scalable, and Open