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Energy costs are increasing rapidly, and environmental issues are a major concern for everyone. Pressure is increasing to deliver more aggressive energy saving solutions to save money. Now buildings are not only expected to do this but also be healthy and environmentally friendly. How do you do your part and reduce your energy consumption and save money?

Delta’s BAS/EMS system is the solution. Our full range of BAS/EMS controllers and software enable you to control, monitor, and compare your building(s) energy consumption. Our system consists of HVAC, Lighting, and Access Controls components to enable energy saving and building comfort from a single vendor.

Building and occupant health strategies can be performed with the system.  The system enables you to be more environmentally conscious by monitoring and controlling other resources; such as water usage, etc.

The Delta Controls system is powerful but easy to configure allowing you to implement basic energy savings strategies very simply. Our fully programmable system enables advanced energy management/consumption strategies that can be tailored to your energy management or environmental needs. Historical archiving allows you to record and compare energy use, allowing you to validate your savings/improvements. Our Open Protocol design allows you to get real time pricing, weather, demand, etc. from the internet, equipment, and/or other systems. This allows you to measure and take appropriate action based on the demand or pricing to save energy and hence money.

While performing energy management, the system allows you to maintain building and occupant health by allowing overrides, ventilation, and minimum/maximum thresholds.  Environmentally friendly solutions can be implemented through custom programming. Our partnership has experience in LEEDs buildings and we have numerous awards for this sustainability.

Delta Controls Inc. BAS/EMS system allows you to manage your energy consumption to save money while at the same time take into consideration overall Building Health and the environment.